Friday, 17 August 2018

Well ! I never felt more like singing the blues.

South of Bampton towards the river thames I walked with the back pain somewhat easier, in that it is now more of uncomfortable twinges than the previously very sharp pain that was the result of a pulled muscle. My quest was to again view the Common Blue and Brown Argos butterflies that are stunning as they dance the wayside herbage. I'm pleased to write that I was not disappointed with many many individuals delighting me as they went about the business of ensuring there will be continuing generations to excite and entertain us.
The Oxon Feather.
Brown Argos.

Female Common Blue.

As yet unidentified Moth that I noticed on my bathroom window, it seems familiar but have forgotten its name.


  1. Yes of course! I see this moth so often but the light was bad and I failed to dismiss the dark spotting to the bottom of the wing edges as per his insect holiness Richard Lewington's 'concise moths' these moths vary so much. Best Wishes, The Feather.


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