Friday, 10 August 2018

Tern the Lock.

Amazing day for the sheer numbers of Common Blue Butterflies that were part of my walk from Bampton along the never-ending lane that ends before it reaches the Thames, along with Brown Argus and two Clouded Yellows that unfortunately evaded my camera lens. Other Butterflies seen were Red Admiral and Comma.
A phone call from a friend telling me he had seen a Stork circling above the Thames between Rushy Lock and Radcot  had tickled my interest alas I was unable to catch up with it. The Feather.


  1. The butterfly is so beautiful! I have never seen a butterfly with blue wings before. Absolutely stunning... great photography all around. Thanks for the share, have a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.

    World of Animals

  2. Delighted you were able to share my pleasure of the wonderful natural we live in , its good to know other people appreciate that which is of the spirit and has no monetary input . The Oxon Feather.


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