Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cyril the Squirrel .

My garden tree rats or as they're more commonly known Grey Squirrels have been over indulging of late on the feed put out for the many avian visitors I have to my garden, so! Remedial measures were required in order to stop them becoming lazy and taking more than their fair share of the tasty titbits on offer. Initially I raised the Sunflower feeder some five foot off the ground but after many quizzical looks from many angles a mighty leap took at least one of them onto the feeder , this resulted in my upping the game and raising the feeder another foot or so , success ! After once again sizing up the possibilities they have given my superior brain power best. Feeling rather pleased and somewhat smug with myself I retired to a victorious cup of coffee to enjoy the view from my large patio type windows to take in the garden bird activity on offer, safe in the knowledge that I had outwitted Cyril and friends. Alas! they have now turned their attention to the peanut feeder that I was under the impression was , for them , unattainable, but no Cyril and pals continue to take the piss as they gorge themselves with what I am pretty certain is a great big wide squirrel grin across their faces.
The Oxon Feather.

Cyril in action
                                          Whacking great big Hornet indoors-managed to free it safely outdoors.

                                          Taking the Piss.
Banded Demoiselle.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Mays and Greys.

Covered about six miles yesterday walking the backlands of Bampton eventually carrying on past Rushy Lock where a pair of Grey Wagtails are nesting in the weir and watched as they brought insects for their young brood. On the way back crossing the waterway that becomes the great brook noticed clouds of Mayfly as they danced over the water. Plenty of Banded Demoiselles around but only snapped females as the males were a bit more elusive, on the exposed earth where the sun was beating down Large Red Damselfly were sunning themselves and that gem of the butterfly world Small Copper took flight as I was about to press the shutter.
The Oxon Feather.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

What no Elephants! What no Pit!

The elephant grass on the approach to the Baulking fullers earth pit has been cut and while no elephants were ever expected there it was expected to remain an improving wildlife resource but alas, alack and despair it now has been put up for sale with a strong possibility of planning being approached to turn it into a boating and water sports venue. If we allow this to happen it will be another nail in the coffin of Oxfordshires diminishing wildlife that is seeing our green belt and any other profitable opportunity for dangerous and greedy developers to cash in on going ahead.
The only chance of truly protecting this site is by purchase and to that end I personally will pledge £10,000 to start the ball rolling so if you really support our wildlife give up that trip abroad put off that new telescope and dig deep into your pockets and save this marvellous site from horrible wildlife oblivion. The Oxon Feather.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Annual General Messabout.

This Wednesday evening 7.30 pm its the OOS AGM and this is our last indoor meeting of the season so I suggest you get to Exeter Hall Kidlington and enjoy a talk by Ben Carpenteer and watch as the oxon feather fluffs his secretarial presentation. Its also a good time to let your committee know your thoughts and meet old birding buddies before we all go our own ways until we meet up again next season.
Exciting view of five screaming Swifts over Stanford in the Vale yesterday they have been late returning this year and my heart flew up to greet them after their long journey.
the oxon feather.
 everyone hates me apart from the feather.
 looks like its hatching a plan
 in better nick than some of the cars I've owned
 full moon hot sun been causing trouble ever since the world begun
 snow show from quite recently

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Snitchers,Bitchers and Twitchers.

Yep! Happening this Saturday May 5th will be an Oxfordshire Bird Race where as in love and war nearly anything goes and coincidentally The Oxford Ornithological Society along with Thames Water Farmoor are holding an open day to once again celebrate the unique aspect of this huge concrete basin that sits alongside the River Thames and attracts many unusual birds as they use the Thames to navigate their skyward journeys across the heavens. Make a point of being there and enjoying guided walks across the causeway led by Ian Lewington and Dai John meet the Barn Owl men of Oxfordshire Pat Wixey and Albert Allen who will be displaying all thats interesting about this iconic bird. Come along and help us dithering amateurs identify Moths that will have been trapped overnight in Moth Traps placed within the Pinkhill reserve . Come and get close and friendly with the  bird ringing display being carried out by George Candelin. Our usual Oxford Ornithological Society display will be in operation hosted by myself (the oxon feather) and Alan Larkman.
The bird racers will doubtless be including Farmoor as they vie with each other for birding superiority and it could get nasty with possible fighting on the causeway and opposing team members being thrown into the reservoir - oh! the excitement mounts I can't wait for Saturday to arrive .
The Oxon Feather.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Out on a Limb.

This unusual side branch growing through the trunk of its neighbour took my attention as I returned from a stroll around the extremities of my local patch at Bampton, it was good to see Skylark,Yellowhammer,Linnet,Red Kite,Green Woodpecker and good numbers of Butterflies including Small Tortoiseshell,Peacock,Brimstone,Large White and Orange Tip.
Little Egret showed well on a trip to pit 60 along with Common Sandpiper, Oyster Catcher and Gadwall. Further south between Challow Station and Sparsholt Chiffchaff and Whitethroat were much in evidence. The rising temperature has given everything including me a feel good factor, but I fear it will not last -the good weather that is. The Oxon Feather.

 Also at Pit 60 Goosander
 It takes more than one to make a Summer
 Rainbow necked Stock Dove in my garden
 Little Egret sporting a pretty fancy hair style

 Far distant Common Sandpiper and Oyster Catcher

 Distant Linnet one of about a dozen

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Plastic Love.

A pair of plastic geese have paired up in a field by pit 60 and there were lots of swallows coming through a couple of days ago also a very nice male goosander and some gadwall . Today 18th linnets and a pair of kestrels were busy in the bright  hot sunshine . The Oxon Feather.

 Oyster Catchers Pit 60