Thursday, 18 October 2018

Not Giving a Hoot.

Beating Tuesday and saw a flock of twenty five Yellowhammers three Kestrel and a couple of hundred Lesser Black-Backed Gulls. The Barn Owl was pictured by a mate as he waited for a Fox  that has been troublesome, he was able to gently poke his phone camera out the window and take several snaps without the Owl becoming concerned.
The Feather.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Odds and Sods

Managed some pleasant and rather warm Autumnal walks recently but not too much of interest mainly because with the leaves on the trees the birds are pretty well hidden. The Oxon Feather.
Gyrfalcon seen at local ploughing match

 Small Copper loads of them recently

 Shire also seen at local ploughing match
 Hornet pretender
 Common Toadflax seen on the downs south of whitehorse hill
 Roe Deer same area
 same area
 Common Darter huge numbers seen almost everywhere
 tunnel-like path through the woods Buckland

Stock Dove  Stanton Harcourt.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

On a Whin and a Prayer.

Called in at the car park at Whitehorse Hill yesterday and partook of a double cone ice-cream it was a monster and after sharing it with my shirt (it was melting before I could gobble it down) I then walked the ridgeway and just to the south of Whitehorse Hill where later in the year I find Stonechats,
there before me was this first winter Whinchat.
The Oxon Feather.

This tomato I picked off the vine yesterday and I promise I do not feed them on Viagra.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Well ! I never felt more like singing the blues.

South of Bampton towards the river thames I walked with the back pain somewhat easier, in that it is now more of uncomfortable twinges than the previously very sharp pain that was the result of a pulled muscle. My quest was to again view the Common Blue and Brown Argos butterflies that are stunning as they dance the wayside herbage. I'm pleased to write that I was not disappointed with many many individuals delighting me as they went about the business of ensuring there will be continuing generations to excite and entertain us.
The Oxon Feather.
Brown Argos.

Female Common Blue.

As yet unidentified Moth that I noticed on my bathroom window, it seems familiar but have forgotten its name.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Tern the Lock.

Amazing day for the sheer numbers of Common Blue Butterflies that were part of my walk from Bampton along the never-ending lane that ends before it reaches the Thames, along with Brown Argus and two Clouded Yellows that unfortunately evaded my camera lens. Other Butterflies seen were Red Admiral and Comma.
A phone call from a friend telling me he had seen a Stork circling above the Thames between Rushy Lock and Radcot  had tickled my interest alas I was unable to catch up with it. The Feather.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Much too hot for a jumper.

Watering my vegetable garden using a watering can at the outdoor tap situated close to the drains , I noticed things had got a bit smelly so I moved the drain cover and exposed this beautiful beast who promptly leapt out and found refuge under some green and shaded undergrowth.
The Feather.

Female Common Darter not as previously stated the Ruddy variety my thanks to the tall birder for pointing out my mistake and Female Southern Hawker.

Holly Blue

Red Underwing Moth.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cyril the Squirrel .

My garden tree rats or as they're more commonly known Grey Squirrels have been over indulging of late on the feed put out for the many avian visitors I have to my garden, so! Remedial measures were required in order to stop them becoming lazy and taking more than their fair share of the tasty titbits on offer. Initially I raised the Sunflower feeder some five foot off the ground but after many quizzical looks from many angles a mighty leap took at least one of them onto the feeder , this resulted in my upping the game and raising the feeder another foot or so , success ! After once again sizing up the possibilities they have given my superior brain power best. Feeling rather pleased and somewhat smug with myself I retired to a victorious cup of coffee to enjoy the view from my large patio type windows to take in the garden bird activity on offer, safe in the knowledge that I had outwitted Cyril and friends. Alas! they have now turned their attention to the peanut feeder that I was under the impression was , for them , unattainable, but no Cyril and pals continue to take the piss as they gorge themselves with what I am pretty certain is a great big wide squirrel grin across their faces.
The Oxon Feather.

Cyril in action
                                          Whacking great big Hornet indoors-managed to free it safely outdoors.

                                          Taking the Piss.
Banded Demoiselle.

Not Giving a Hoot.

Beating Tuesday and saw a flock of twenty five Yellowhammers three Kestrel and a couple of hundred Lesser Black-Backed Gulls. The Barn Owl w...