Saturday, 16 February 2019

Golden Days.

Yesterday Friday 15th fancied a trip to the ridgeway in the whitehorse hill area, its always a good spot for overwintering Stonechats, and encountered two females and a male the females photographed pretty good but the male was feeling less like posing so I had to accept not getting the handsome little brute. Circa ten Corn Bunting in the hedgerow running up to and behind the white horse and a Weasel scurried across carrying the remains of a half eaten Rabbit, there were many Skylark about giving me views of twenty plus and a brief display by circa eighty of what I'm sure were a flock of Golden Plover as they disappeared into a fold in the downs south of the ridgeway.
Met an interesting chap by the name of Colin Duncan on the ridgeway who played professional football for Oxford United in the seventies or as we Swindon Town supporters say 'the enemy' it was good to get an insight into a profession that so many of us aspire to but lack the level of talent to achieve that standard. Also of note was a flock of two hundred Pee-Wits in a field just off  the  Baulking Turn alongside the road to Baulking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
The Oxon Feather.
Golden Plover - sorry only photo I managed

Corn Bunting


Corn Bunting

Remains of Weasel eaten Rabbit

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Take it as red.

Monday I wandered the rides of the Warren near Buckland looking for the previously reported Crossbills , firstly from the sandy lane entrance close to Hatford and later from the entrance running east from the hideaway where one enters by crossing part of the carswell golf course and it was at  this entrance that I saw four Redpolls adding to my somewhat meagre list of two Mistle Thrush, a pair of Ravens, couple of dozen Fieldfares, three Buzzards and three Red Kites. Pretty certain I had a brief view of a Polecat as it dashed across across one of the rides and also a Hare was seen as it meandered around part of the woodland quite unaware apparently of what was going on around it. The Crossbills remained unseen but this is very possible with such a large tract of woodland to cover.
The Oxon Feather.


Any ideas on this shrub?


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Drying Out.

Unsuccessfully searched the Bampton to Kelmscot area trying to find the now absent Whoopers that Badger had invested time and trouble trying to locate but had just missed them, leaving me feeling disappointed that I had sent him on a wild Swan chase. A local Black Bourton resident told me about the hundreds of Redpolls he'd seen recently feeding on Alder at his former Vineyard although he told me they had gone as quickly as they had arrived, even so called in just in case there were a few stragglers hanging about but no, another blank. drove down to the end of Marsh Lane but all I noted were flocks of Goldfinch and Fieldfare and a Cormorant drying out in the chilly Winter conditions, still it was good to see the Thames had risen and there was a good flow of water.
The Oxon Feather.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Colder but no Otter .

After visiting Baulking Pit and seeing around 200 Wigeon,20 odd Tufted Duck and circa 50 Mallard I took some poor photos because there is now a fence around the lake that prevents one getting close to the birds and is at height that makes it difficult to operate, of course I am used to our wildlife that has been flourishing suffering decreasing populations and in many instances extinction, and the reason for  change at this site that has gradually been building good numbers of dragonflies and consequently Hobby is the purchase by a company for use as an anglers resort. The fence is presumably to keep Otter out judging by the small mesh. What can be done about it ? Fuck All.
Left Baulking and drove back to Clanfield and then took the road to Lechlade, near Kelmscot on the left side of the road is a field of Oil Seed Rape , a flock of Mute Swans are grazing this field and in their midst I spotted two Whooper Swans, not a bad find and alongside this road were a couple of flocks of Fieldfare with around 200 birds in each flock. It was cold and I appreciated the warmth of my living room when I settled back in but never cease to be amazed how our wildlife manages to survive in such inclement conditions. The Oxon Feather.

Sunday, 13 January 2019


Wonderful evening with fellow birders and some most appreciated things were spoken about me - Thank You all so much, your respect for not just me but the dwindling wildlife that surrounds us is heartfelt. The work put in by certain individuals particularly Tom and Badger to bring likeminded folk together is a great credit to your dedication and selflessness in the cause of Oxon Birding. First time I've seen Toms dickie - thought it might have been bigger, mind you it did reach round his neck.
The Oxon Feather.

Recent pair of Nuthatch on my garden feeders - what a joy they are.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Not Giving a Hoot.

Beating Tuesday and saw a flock of twenty five Yellowhammers three Kestrel and a couple of hundred Lesser Black-Backed Gulls. The Barn Owl was pictured by a mate as he waited for a Fox  that has been troublesome, he was able to gently poke his phone camera out the window and take several snaps without the Owl becoming concerned.
The Feather.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Odds and Sods

Managed some pleasant and rather warm Autumnal walks recently but not too much of interest mainly because with the leaves on the trees the birds are pretty well hidden. The Oxon Feather.
Gyrfalcon seen at local ploughing match

 Small Copper loads of them recently

 Shire also seen at local ploughing match
 Hornet pretender
 Common Toadflax seen on the downs south of whitehorse hill
 Roe Deer same area
 same area
 Common Darter huge numbers seen almost everywhere
 tunnel-like path through the woods Buckland

Stock Dove  Stanton Harcourt.

Golden Days.

Yesterday Friday 15th fancied a trip to the ridgeway in the whitehorse hill area, its always a good spot for overwintering Stonechats, and e...