Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Most action this time of year is on or by water.

A few more photos from a somewhat quiet time of the birding year gave me Black-Tailed Skimmer and Four-Spotted Chaser Dragonflies at Shellingford Quarry. Through my kitchen window all in a group Ring-Necked Dove , Collared Dove and Stock Dove in fact the latter can often number a dozen busily feeding on the wheat and oilseed rape mixture i put out for my garden birds. An interesting Moth flew in the open kitchen window just a couple of evenings  ago called Common Emerald and as the name implies it is indeed common although I rarely see it.
The Feather.
 Woody and both Collared and Stock Dove through the kitchen window.
 Four Spotted Chaser.
 I think these are mating Black Tailed Skimmer.
 Just a pair of Lapwing at the quarry.
 Common Emerald Moth.

 Seals and a Stonechat seen off the Pembrokeshire coastal path I walked last week.

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