Tuesday, 23 June 2015

From the Ridgeway to South Leigh - Yep! really boring stuff.

As so often these days I seem to have less and less time to get out in our wonderful Oxfordshire countryside so this is a compilation of stuff you might think is not very exciting but guess what? I find nature fascinating , even in the unremarkable and common specie, so there i've said it and if it doesn't do it for you then look away now but all these items were enjoyed by me over a period of several recent trips.
The Oxon Feather.
 Bullfinch South Leigh Garden
 Black-Tailed Skimmer Shellingford Quarry.
 Yellowhammer with insect for young Ridgeway.
 Distant Linnet Ridgeway.
 Willow Warbler Ridgeway.
 Marbled White Baulking Pit.
 Immature Black-Tailed Skimmer Baulking Pit.
 Painted Lady Sparsholt Downs.
 S R E Damselflies. Shellingford Quarry.
 Grey Heron Shellingford Quarry.

1 comment:

  1. Barry

    Your S R E Damsels look more like a Common Blue a full size Red Eyed to me, but not completely sure!


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