Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Meat the Butcher.

A trip over the downs to Churn close to Blewbury was rewarded with some good views of the Butcher Bird or to give it its correct title Red-Backed Shrike. I walked a long way and headed to a couple of birders who were scanning some bushes far along the ridgeway . When I caught up with them, they like me were still searching for the bird and suggested the most likely site was where it had previously been reported about half a mile further back . So along with Gary Stafford and his Wife  we wandered back along the ridgeway and on approaching the old research station Gary's Wife spotted it , as is so often the case the womenfolk seem to be more observant than some of us chaps. The bird gave really good views , although my photographs were not very good at all .
This was a good bird to get and for me relatively easily particularly as the bird which, incidentally is a female, is quite unafraid of humans and well worth the effort to see what is a rather rare bird for the county.
The Feather.


  1. Nothing wrong with those pics Barry very nice.


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