Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cyril the Squirrel .

My garden tree rats or as they're more commonly known Grey Squirrels have been over indulging of late on the feed put out for the many avian visitors I have to my garden, so! Remedial measures were required in order to stop them becoming lazy and taking more than their fair share of the tasty titbits on offer. Initially I raised the Sunflower feeder some five foot off the ground but after many quizzical looks from many angles a mighty leap took at least one of them onto the feeder , this resulted in my upping the game and raising the feeder another foot or so , success ! After once again sizing up the possibilities they have given my superior brain power best. Feeling rather pleased and somewhat smug with myself I retired to a victorious cup of coffee to enjoy the view from my large patio type windows to take in the garden bird activity on offer, safe in the knowledge that I had outwitted Cyril and friends. Alas! they have now turned their attention to the peanut feeder that I was under the impression was , for them , unattainable, but no Cyril and pals continue to take the piss as they gorge themselves with what I am pretty certain is a great big wide squirrel grin across their faces.
The Oxon Feather.

Cyril in action
                                          Whacking great big Hornet indoors-managed to free it safely outdoors.

                                          Taking the Piss.
Banded Demoiselle.

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