Thursday, 17 May 2018

What no Elephants! What no Pit!

The elephant grass on the approach to the Baulking fullers earth pit has been cut and while no elephants were ever expected there it was expected to remain an improving wildlife resource but alas, alack and despair it now has been put up for sale with a strong possibility of planning being approached to turn it into a boating and water sports venue. If we allow this to happen it will be another nail in the coffin of Oxfordshires diminishing wildlife that is seeing our green belt and any other profitable opportunity for dangerous and greedy developers to cash in on going ahead.
The only chance of truly protecting this site is by purchase and to that end I personally will pledge £10,000 to start the ball rolling so if you really support our wildlife give up that trip abroad put off that new telescope and dig deep into your pockets and save this marvellous site from horrible wildlife oblivion. The Oxon Feather.

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