Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Snitchers,Bitchers and Twitchers.

Yep! Happening this Saturday May 5th will be an Oxfordshire Bird Race where as in love and war nearly anything goes and coincidentally The Oxford Ornithological Society along with Thames Water Farmoor are holding an open day to once again celebrate the unique aspect of this huge concrete basin that sits alongside the River Thames and attracts many unusual birds as they use the Thames to navigate their skyward journeys across the heavens. Make a point of being there and enjoying guided walks across the causeway led by Ian Lewington and Dai John meet the Barn Owl men of Oxfordshire Pat Wixey and Albert Allen who will be displaying all thats interesting about this iconic bird. Come along and help us dithering amateurs identify Moths that will have been trapped overnight in Moth Traps placed within the Pinkhill reserve . Come and get close and friendly with the  bird ringing display being carried out by George Candelin. Our usual Oxford Ornithological Society display will be in operation hosted by myself (the oxon feather) and Alan Larkman.
The bird racers will doubtless be including Farmoor as they vie with each other for birding superiority and it could get nasty with possible fighting on the causeway and opposing team members being thrown into the reservoir - oh! the excitement mounts I can't wait for Saturday to arrive .
The Oxon Feather.

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