Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Bulls Eye and a tricky identification.

Today Tuesday I walked the northern parts of Bampton and thoroughly enjoyed the nice sunny weather and the marshy and part flooded terrain or I did until photographing a pair of beautiful Bullfinches when turning and slipping on the muddy brookside ground my hip sort of creaked and meant the rest of my outing was somewhat painful.
Apart from the wonderful Bullfinches I saw around ten Yellowhammers, one Buzzard, many Redwing (120 c) about sixty Fieldfare, three Grey Partridge and one Greenfinch.
Yesterday I noted a dead Gull floating close to the edge of Baulking Fullers Earth Pit and am unable to be sure of its identity, there is something Lesser- Black Backed Gull about it but the light grey and large bill says Yellow Legged Gull but perhaps one of you "Gull Freaks" will be kind enough to enlighten me?
My occasional visits to Baulking Pit are driven by my desire to find the Great Grey Shrike at home but unfortunately this bird has a huge Winter range and as a consequence we have not met up at this site.
The Oxon Feather.             Male Bullfinch
                                             Roe Deer
                                            Beefsteak Fungus
                                                   The Gull ?
                                             Female Bullfinch
                                            Rather dark coloured Buzzard


                                            Madam Bullfinch and below Mister B.


  1. ex-Lesser Black-back I'd say.

    1. Hi Mark you're probably right but I do think there is room for doubt , I guess it needs turning over for other clues. The Feather.


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