Monday, 15 January 2018

Haw Haw its enough to make me laugh.

Having been sidelined for some time recently including a pretty awful dose of man-flu I thought I really ought to get out and look for the amazing Hawfinch irruption that has overtaken the county to the extent that there has been more chance of being hit by  low-lying Hawfinch than not seeing them.
Several of my birder mates had recommended Northmoor churchyard as a good spot to catch up with them, and so today within minutes of arrival at the church I was able to get a couple of reasonable pics as they fed and perched in the tops of some Yew Trees. two other birders who had been there for quite a time reckoned there were about 18 -20 in the churchyard.
Other birds seen recently when circumstances and illness have allowed have been, Grey Wagtail several parties of Long-Tailed Tits and in my garden Coal Tits and the striking Nuthatch.
The Oxon Feather.

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