Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pie in the Sky.

A couple of days ago I received a call from a mate that he had briefly seen a Pied Flycatcher in his Faringdon garden, although he guessed that it was just passing through and didn't expect to see it again I nevertheless asked him to give me a shout if it showed up again. Surprise! surprise! I took another call from him later on telling me it was back again. I hurried over sat in his garden and also viewed the Cherry Trees of his neighbours garden from his bedroom window where he had also seen it, in fact it appeared to be doing the rounds of several gardens in the area.
I managed to get several poor quality photos but it proved very difficult to photograph as it kept on the move. The bird has not been seen again after my fleeting sights of it and the mate in question was insistent that I kept the whereabouts secret preventing me from letting you all know , so sorry for that but my hands were tied.
My PC has decided to update my photo programme with the result that when I wiped clean my camera it also wiped clean the photos I intended to post - perhaps you'll now understand why I have a love hate relationship with my PC with the balance overwhelmingly on the hate side.
The Feather.
OK due to a total cock up attempting to download my now deleted Pied Flycatcher photos I am posting a recent Yellowhammer photo.
The Feather.

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