Sunday, 18 January 2015

Why oh Why ?

Why oh Why?
I get rather irritated each winter when I see those destructive hedge gobbling chopping machines let lose on our countryside by thoughtless farmers. I guess the most remarkable aspect of this nonsense is  these "guardians of the Countryside" invariably choosing the sight of hordes of starving winter Thrushes arriving to start "tidying up" the hedgerows, bashing as many life giving berries into oblivion before they have had the chance sustain both Redwing, Fieldfare and all those other small insect eaters that if given the chance would continue their previous habit of daily grazing these same hedgerows of overwintering insect life in all its developing forms.
The Oxon Feather.
                                                          It's Tough being A bird in the Winter.


  1. There was me thinking that that 12ft. of uncultivated land was some kind of 'set-aside' when in fact it's just so these machines can get onto the land.Well I am surprised!.

    1. And of course we are paying for these strips to be left for wildlife ,unfortunately some farmers continue to abuse these "wildlife refuges"
      The Feather.


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