Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Drying Out.

Unsuccessfully searched the Bampton to Kelmscot area trying to find the now absent Whoopers that Badger had invested time and trouble trying to locate but had just missed them, leaving me feeling disappointed that I had sent him on a wild Swan chase. A local Black Bourton resident told me about the hundreds of Redpolls he'd seen recently feeding on Alder at his former Vineyard although he told me they had gone as quickly as they had arrived, even so called in just in case there were a few stragglers hanging about but no, another blank. drove down to the end of Marsh Lane but all I noted were flocks of Goldfinch and Fieldfare and a Cormorant drying out in the chilly Winter conditions, still it was good to see the Thames had risen and there was a good flow of water.
The Oxon Feather.

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  1. No worries Barry I rather like travelling around our county especially to areas that I don't know that we'll.
    Thank you for posting your sighting of the Whoopers.


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