Saturday, 7 May 2016

Blue Bonced Yellow Wagtail.

A few more photos of the Yellow Wagtail with the blueish head and a rather confiding Skylark.
The Oxon Feather.


  1. Great pics Barry. Out of interest, are you able to say where the wagtail was? Looks like the Farmoor Channel Wagtail.

  2. Hi Steve, Yes both King Camera and lewbelew think it could be the Farmoor bird although it is quite a way from Farmoor. This is a site that is important to the tree sparrow project as the farmer kindly lets us store our bird seed here and I was told they didn't want twitchers invading but I pointed out to them that it is on a public right of way. If you turn left before dix pit and proceed not too far down the Rushey Common road take the footpath on the right side and follow it ti you come to a dung heap the birds are here.

  3. Thanks Barry for the info.


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