Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cultivating an Interest.

Parking up at the spot at the halfway point along the Hatford to Carswell road known as the 'Hideway' I walked along the track stretching between fields of greening - up wheat. Reaching the Golf Course and heading into the thickly wooded area of the Warren, the only obvious birds noticed were several Green Woodpeckers, strangely enough none of them had Weasel jockeys riding on their backs. Having reached the far side of the Warren it became apparent that due to a tractor cultivating and turning up ground exposing invertebrates I had found an oasis of birdlife. I guess in total there were Five Buzzards and six Red Kites and in excess of three hundred Fieldfare. Smaller bird numbers were some sixty Pied Wagtail and a similar number of Starling. Other birds there were Finches and Tits. I reckon around one hundred Corvids and the same number of Black Headed Gulls were taking the opportunity to join in this providential feast.
The Oxon Feather.

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